Working Bees Mothers Day Weekend

Hi all seeing it is Mothers Day this weekend there will be no working bees . So enjoy the weekend off and spend it with family . We will get back into it the next weekend , I will keep you all informed Cheers Charlie

New Classes For 2014 T100

Changes to the 2014 T100 . They are 1/ One bike and two riders . 2/ Two bikes and two riders . These two new classes CANNOT win the T100 , The T100 can only be WON by those riders who enter one bike one rider and do the 4 lap race on their own

Meeting 6th May 7-30 pm

Hi all, Meeting tomorrow (6th May) at Plains Hotel Edgecumbe, Back Bar 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome. Cheers Charlie

4th May Trail Ride

Well what a cracker of a day. The weather was great, the tracks were wicked and everyone looked like they were having fun. I stopped for awhile out on the main track at the merge and was amazed at the number of young riders out on the main track followed by Dad this is so

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Working Bees

Hi all If you read this and are interested in helping can you please contact me via or 0277520122. We need your help desperately to set tracks ready for the first ride. Cheers Charlie

Tarawera 100 2014

Hi all The Tarawera 100 is all go, sponsored again by Honda New Zealand and Tony Rees Motorcycles. It will be held this year at Eivers Property on the 5th July 2014. Big thank you to all of the sponsors without you we could not hold the premiere motorcycle endurance race in New Zealand Cheers Charlie

Youth Reps Page

Hi all my name is Logan Tipper and my second in command (2IC) is Ollie McIlroy. We’re the youth voice for the club so anything you want us to assist you with or bring to the attention of the club management don’t hesitate to come and see us or email us on Cheers!