Club Rules

1. You must abide by these conditions and obey all directions by Tarawera Trail Bike Riders Club officials.

2. Do not speed or ride dangerously in the pits area and wear a helmet at all times.

3. You must ensure that you have reasonable protective clothing and equipment. Helmets are mandatory along with stout footwear. No bare arms.

4. If riding in the forest you must carry a fire extinguisher.

5. Follow the arrows and do not stray from the track.

6. Do not take shortcuts.ยท

7. Never turn around and head back along the trail.

8. Treat all roads as being open and expect traffic at any time.

9. Dont duck under bunting.

10. If you break down or fall off push your bike off the main trail and if you need further assistance wait for a club official to come past.

11. Where the track crosses forestry, farm, or public roads, ride quietly and do not rip up the surface.

12. If you come across an injured rider stop and help. Wait for further riders or a Tarawera Trail Bike Riders Club committee member to assist and have someone warn approaching riders as soon as possible.

13. Get a message back to the Event Manager by the most effective means detailing the situation and location.

14. No drugs or alcohol please. Intoxicated riders will be asked to leave the forest.

15. Make sure you attend a briefing before you ride and make sure you know what the arrows mean.

TTBRC Committee