TTBRC Life members

The Tarawera Trail Bike Riders Club recognises those members that over the decades have helped shape the club into what you see today.

We can’t begin to repay them for the many hundreds of hours they’ve spent in the bush, or on the end of a phone organising the rides, but we can recognise them as life members.

The TTBRC life members are:

Neil Paton Steve McIlroy
Brendon Ingle Steve Cotter
Colin Reeves Graeme Reeves
Kane Waghorn Michelle Waghorn
Paul Mossman Peter Rossiter
John McGougan Richard Underwood
Jeff Parsons Marcus Nater
 Brett Baker  Lorraine Baker

If you see any of these guys and gals at our rides, be sure to give them a pat on the back; they’ve earnt it!