TTBRC Riders Briefing – Read it!

Hi everyone.

Here at the TTBRC we’re really big on safety. You’ll notice at every ride we insist on you attending the main riders briefing in the morning. We hold this at around 9:45am at the sign on tent, and sound an air horn a couple of minutes before. You MUST attend this briefing, as this is the only way you’ll learn about the track and any hazards that are out there. We pride ourselves on keeping the tracks new and interesting so you must attend to learn what changes have been made since last time, and also any special requirements on the day.

Here is the general briefing layout, so that you can be aware of what to expect (there’s also a good printable version here):

Welcome to the Tarawera Trail Bike Riders Club monthly ride. Our objective is to host a safe and enjoyable family orientated ride. We ask that you take a few moments to read this and become familiar with our ride procedures and rules. This is to ensure that we have continued access to the forest and as event organisers we are required to meet certain standards.

Firstly we must warn you that trail riding and motorcycling is a dangerous sport, which can cause serious injury or worse and you enter this event at your own risk (we are not forcing you to ride). You must sign a disclaimer before riding.

We will have a 40km trail open in the morning as well as a Family, Novice and Pee wee/ Mini trails open all day. We will open the afternoon trail which is 20km around 12.30 and close the 40km trail at about 2.00pm. All trails will be closed at 3.00 pm. The Family trail is just that, for families and we expect people on this trail to be courteous to other riders. Do not ride on the novice trail unless you are a novice or you are taking a novice out.

All riders riding the main trails must carry a fire extinguisher and at least one person riding in a family group must have an extinguisher. This is a forestry requirement and will be strictly enforced.

Due to weather and other conditions we may have to make changes to the tracks during the day so follow the arrows and do not enter areas that have been bunted off.

Green arrows are for easier options or novice and family tracks.

1. Do not speed or ride dangerously in the pits area (walking speed only) and always wear a helmet when on a bike.

2. You must ensure that you wear adequate safety gear, Helmets are mandatory along with stout foot wear (no gumboots), and no bare arms etc. We recommend body armour, gloves, goggles, kidney belt, mx style boots, long pants and shirt.

3. You must carry a fire extinguisher

4. Follow the arrows and do not stray from the track. Do not take short cuts and do not turn around and head back along the track. Down arrows mean DANGER slow down and be prepared to stop. 2 crossed arrows mean wrong way, you need to stop and get back on the trail.

5. Keep left on all roads and never assume that there are no other forest users, both on the tracks and roads. Don’t rip up the roads. (Thanks)

6. If you break down or fall off and need assistance, if possible push your bike off to the edge of the main track, but stay near the trail and wait for a club official to come past and give them your details. We will get assistance as soon as possible and when you get back to the pits area report in so that we know you are back safely. If you are badly injured don’t try and make your own way back to the pits. We will get St Johns out to you and then get you back there as quickly and safely as possible.

7. You must abide by these conditions and obey all directions of the Tarawera Trail Bike Riders Club Officials.

Pass slower riders considerately and ride to the conditions and your ability and watch for hazards.

Lastly no dogs in the forest and no drugs or alcohol to be consumed in the forest.

Most importantly enjoy your ride.